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Moving back to Etsy and giving up eBay's high fees.

I removed all my links to eBay.  They keep putting up their prices and now they want to take as much as 9.9% as a final value fee when an item is sold.  At the end of this current eBay shop contract, I plan to close the shop.  It was worth a try I guess.  I did the maths and Etsy is a much better deal.  They take 3.5 % as a final value fee and even though they charge 20 cents to list an item as compared to eBay for books which is only 5 cents with a shop, Etsy's listing lasts for 3 months and eBay's for only 30 days.

So there you go!  From now on, I am not listing anything new on eBay except for maybe using their offer of 30 free listing a month for auctions.  I'll see how it works out.  Wish me luck!

Etsy is a better deal for the shopper also because they have hundreds more journals listed as compared to eBay.

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