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Handmade OAK Journal with couching, hand embroidery, sticks and beads.

The front cover of this OAK handmade journal is decorated with couching hand embroidery.  Little sticks from my gum tree, wrapped with maroon and black fabric strips and gold thread were attached to the front cover panel with the couching fibers and gold cord.  Add some smoke gray glass beads, gray french knots and maroon and cream fabric cuts.  The background fabric is a floral patterned upholstery fabric.  The book has 216 pages and is numbered and signed.

Front cover showing glass beads & fabric cuts stitched on by hand.

The back of the spine with cords crossed.

Inside back cover.

Close up of front cover.

The journal in its entiety

Another close up shot.

Angled shot of the handmade journal with couching embroidery and fiber wrapped sticks.

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