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0017 - Romantic Journal with handmade paper, beads and flower design

This journal was inspired when I found a batch of handmade paper that I made about six or seven years ago. With only 12 sheets to work with, I combined them with off the shelf paper that is printed to resemble handmade paper. Each signature consists of 1 sheet of handmade paper and three sheets of the printed paper. The covers which are made from MDF are decorated with a floral patern.
The beads that decorate the tassels are all handmade. The soft colors which range from apricot to pale peach to cream or off-white and then to subtle shades of gray are quite romantic and lend themselves to a wedding journal or wedding planner. A few photos could be added to the handmade pages and notes written on the printed paper.

When I list the number of pages in a book, I am referring to one side of each leaf. For example, in a book with numbered pages, Page 17 would be on one side of the leaf, Page 18 on the other side. Therefore, a book with 192 pages would have 96 leaves made from 48 sheets of paper.

Hand Stitched Journal stitched on cords (Opens flat)
192 Pages - Cover Size: (15.5 x 22 cm) (6 1/8 x 8 3/4 inches approx.)
Design Copyright Jean Hall 2009
This book is numbered and signed

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