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Little Handmade Journal with metal hardware on the cover in natural shades of metal and brown.

  This delightful little journal has a metal (Trunk Handle to be exact) decoration on the cover and closing cord tie decorated with hand made fiber beads and pony beads that wraps around a single button ... See photos.

This Journal had approximately 272 to 280 pages (counting both sides of the paper as a total of two pages).

This journal would be lovely for recording memories, holiday antics and fun, or to use as an art journal for drawings or a little note book. (I would not recommend it for paintings ... the paper would not be suitable for paint.)

Materials Used:
Plywood, Metal Trunk Handle, Button, String Pony Beads, Handmade Fiber Beads, Thread, Paper.  Two little Silver colored plastic buttons.

Weight: Without packaging ... 320 grams.
The spine cords on all my journals are crossed at the back of the book 
for added stability and strength.

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