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Handmade Journal with padded front fabric design with splashes of color.

Handmade journals with fabric covered front panel.  Lovely modern splashes of muted shades of green, blue, gold, maroon and print like brush strokes in a modern art painting.  I am showing six versions of this journal but only one will be sold as I only have one fabric piece large enough to make a single journal.  You get to choose which one you like the best.  Choose from three different button colors, green, blue or apricot or choose a natural wood button that is stained to match the cord ties.

Handmade Journal....Pen NOT included!
Handmade Blank Page Journal, diary, notebook, sketch book, guest book, scrapbook - hand stitched on cords with a soft padded front cover panel.   
BOOK DETAILS 224 Blank Writing Pages - White bond paper (Regular printer paper) 
Cover Size: (16.5 x 22.25 cm) (6 1/2 x 8 3/4 inches approx.)
Page size: A5 before hand cutting with delightful wavy edges.
The edges of the pages are all hand cut with a delightful wavy edge.
The spine cords are crossed at the back of the book for added stability and strength.
PLEASE NOTE: I may be making more than one journal from this fabric. Positioning of the fabric pattern on the front panel may vary slightly on each individual journal, but the fabric used will be exactly the same and the overall effect will also be the same.

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