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Mini Handmade Journal Handmade Fiber Bead closing Three Framed Rose Portraits

Other than the paper, this is a handmade journal in every respect. Hand stitched, with each individual page hand cut. The covers also personally cut one at a time.  The front cover of this Mini Journal is decorated with delicately patterned fabric that has tiny little brush strokes printed on it in shades of dark red, navy blue aqua, cream and tones of tan and brown.  I added three little framed portraits of rose prints that just blend in with the fabric beautifully.  The cord tie has two black pony beads, one two inch handmade fiber bead  and one larger gold colored bead. I also added two little cold colored beads between the rose portraits and at the spine, I added a long fiber bead to match the one on the cord tie.

This Journal had approximately 272 to 280 pages (counting both sides of the paper as a total of two pages).

This journal would be lovely for recording memories, holiday antics and fun, or to use as an art journal for drawings or a little note book. (I would not recommend it for paintings ... the paper would not be suitable for paint.)

Materials Used: 
Plywood, Black Button, String,  Pony Beads, Handmade Fiber Beads, Gold colored beads, Thread, Paper. 

Weight: Without packaging ... 230 grams.
The edges of the pages are all hand cut with a delightful wavy edge.
The spine cords are crossed at the back of the book for added stability and strength.

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