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BOOK 0020 - Emerald Green Mini Journal Stab Bound with Beaded Fringe / Gold Paisley

This book is a little emerald jewel. The paper is handmade and is a sort of yellowish mustard color. There are 39 sheets of paper, one side of which is smooth and the other side rough or textured. The book is stab bound and the covers are covered with a woven shot fabric with small gold paisley motifs. It shines either a mustard gold color to a green, aqua blue color depending on how the light hits the front cover. There are eight strings of color matched beads flowing from the macrame knotting which fall from the front cover and the base of the knots are embellished with a small brass thingie. You can see what I mean in the photos.

This book has 78 pages. But keep in mind that the back of each page is textured so that side may not be easy to write on so you may want to count them as 39 pages.
Cover Size: 6 3/4" x 4 3/8" or 17cm x 11cm

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