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BOOK 0019 - Mad About Beads - Red Quilted Journal

Some may call it weird, but I think it's wonderful. the red beads and the quilted cover of this journal were made using a fat quarter that Santa put in my stocking last Christmas. (Thanks to my daughter Wendy). Just before I started stitching the book together I received a shipment of thousands of black pony beads and went mad on the beads. Besides the regular fringe or tassel of beads that I love to see flowing from the open spine of my books, I also added more strings of beads to flow over the front cover. What do you think? Is it weird? or is it wonderful?

The particular method of stitching that I use to bind most of my journals evolved from the coptic stitch and involves sewing on cords leaving an open spine. This allows each book to open completely flat which is a wonderful feature when writing, gluing or sketching and also strengthens the spine.

This book has 224 pages.
Book measures 228mm X 23mm
Approximately 9" x 8 7/8"
This book is signed and numbered

When I list the number of pages in a book, I am referring to one side of each leaf. For example, in a book with numbered pages, Page 17 would be on one side of the leaf or piece of paper, Page 18 on the other side. Therefore, a book with 224 pages would have 112 leaves. 

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