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BOOK 0018 - Aboriginal Dot Art Blank Book with Beaded Tassel & Crocodile

The pages are made from the paper that gets chopped off the A3 sheets when I make the larger square journals. The hand painted wood carving of a crocodile comes from the Bali Shop here in Perth. The covers are cut from MDF, first painted black, then again hand painted with the little Aboriginal style dot art to match the Bali croc. The beads that are strung on the macrame tassel are all hand made. The wood crocodile is glued on and also stapled on to the cover so it should never come off. The insides of the covers are lined with aboriginal dot art prints.

When I list the number of pages in a book, I am referring to one side of each leaf. For example, in a book with numbered pages, Page 17 would be on one side of the leaf or piece of paper, Page 18 on the other side. Therefore, a book with 192 pages would have 96 leaves.

This book has 192 pages.
Cover Size: (22cm X 10cm) ( 8 3/4" x 4" approx.)
$2.00 or more from the sale of this book will be donated to World Vision.
This book is numbered and signed
Design Copyright Jean Hall 2009

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