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BOOK 0021 - Phone/Address Book with Beaded Fringe on Stab Bound Spine

This is an address book printed on re-cycled paper. The paper is a sort of yellow/mustard color. There are 104 pages counting both sides of each sheet. The book is stab bound and the covers are overlaid with a brown, black and gold Bali fabric print. There are 16 strings of handmade and pony beads flowing from the spine. The book is indexed A to Z with four pages per alphabet letter. Each page has space for eight different names and addresses. (counting both sides of the page it would be 16) or a total of 32 names and addresses per alphabet letter.

This book has 104 pages
Cover Size: 4 3/4" x 10 1/2" or 12cm x 27cm

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