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JOURNAL #64 - Handmade OAK Journal Guest Book Diary Blank Notebook

This is a OAK Hand Stitched Journal and there is not another one exactly like it on the planet! ...This blank page journal is hand crafted by Australian Book Artist Jean Hall and is also Signed and Numbered by Jean.

Another OAK journal with crochet granny square decoration. The crochet granny square has padding behind it so it is raised on the cover like a little cushion.  The colors are navy blue, mustard, and sky blue.  I also added a golden colored costume jewelry medallion with blue stones in the center of the granny square.  Next I added some beads ... some handmade fiber beads, pony beads and three navy blue wood beads to decorate the spine cords.
The covers are cut from laminated plywood and if you look at the bottom picture which shows the inside front covers you will see how the edges of the covers have been gently gouged to form an undulating sort of edge.

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