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OOAK Handmade Journal With Beaded Crochet Granny Square Red Blue Brown

Front view of journal with pen as scale reference.
JOURNAL #63 - This is a OAK Hand Stitched Journal and there is not another one exactly like it on the planet! ...This blank page journal is hand crafted by Australian Book Artist Jean Hall and is also Signed and Numbered by Jean.

Gorgeous OOAK Handmade journal or guest-book stitched on cords by Australian book artist Jean Hall. The covers are cut from plywood The decorated panel on the front is covered with dark blue fabric and a padded crochet granny square added.  The granny square is beaded and soft like a little cushion with the padding.   Spine cords are crossed at the back for added strength (as show in the illustration below) and in the photos.

Close up of Granny Square with brown hand stitching and blue pony beads.

Side vies showing padding of granny square and the binding cords crossed at the spine.

Inside front cover showing the decorative wavy edges of the cover (inside)

The unique method of stitching that I use to bind  my journals evolved from the coptic stitch
and involves stitching on cords leaving an open spine.
This allows each book to open comfortably flat. 
This is a wonderful feature when writing, gluing or sketching and also makes the spine stronger.
This is a OOAK Handmade Journal and there is only one like it on the planet!

This book has 192 pages.
Cover Size: (22cm X 14cm) ( 8 3/4" x 5 1/2" approx.)

COVER MATERIAL: Laminated Plywood

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