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JOURNAL #40 - Silk Padded Cover Red Roses Lots of Beads

JOURNAL #40 - This is a OAK Hand Stitched Journal and there is not another one exactly like it on the planet! ...This blank page journal is hand crafted by Australian Book Artist Jean Hall and is also Signed and Numbered by Jean.

This journal is madeup of 8 signatures each made with eight sheets of paper. Each signature is made up of 7 sheets of white paper enclosed in a single sheet of green paper.

Silk floral printed fabric adorn the covers. The front cover is padded to give a luxurious soft feel and twelve strings of handmade paper beads and fiber beads which are mixed with black pony beads fall from macrame knotting at the spine. A dome shaped handmade "button" adds further interest to this lovely handmade journal which is stitched on cords.

Back view showing spine and strings of handmade beads falling towards the back of the journal

Almost a full view with just the ends of the bead strings hidden from view. 
The colors in this photo are almost exactly like in real life.

A close up of the front cover of this journal with silk cover and handmade beads.

Another view of the front of the journal with red roses, green leaves on gorgeous silk.
Strings of handmade beads and pony beads falling from the spine.
One large covered button .

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