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Journal 32 - Rags & Roses Cream Purple & Blue Stab Bound Journal

This Journal is stab bound and features fabric covers that are strengthened with heavy card. Nice and soft to touch. Pretty rag fringing outline three sides of both the front and back covers. The printed fabric flowers on the front cover are highlighted with hand painting and a row of tiny dots outline the hard cover area. There a two very long strings of handmade beads flowing from the spine stitching. Each approx. 44 cm long. The beads are a mixture of handmade fabric beads made from the same material as the covers, handmade paper beads that were painted to match the colors on the fabric and black plastic pony beads. This book is one of a kind!

This book has 80 hand cut pages.
Book measures 26cm X 29cm (approx.)
Approximately 10" x 11.5" (including rag fringe)
The paper that make up the pages measure 21cm x 21cm
This book is numbered and signed

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