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Motherboard Journal Computer Parts Green Large Trendy Geek Book

Motherboard Journal. I made this one for my grandson who gets me out of trouble when my computer crashes. The pages are full A4 size (A3 folded in half) A total of 400 pages (200 sheets of paper) I removed all the big stuff from the Motherboard. Stuff like the fan, and other large clumsy bits that I don't know the names of. I used a hammer and chisel or in some cases, a screwdriver to get them off the motherboard. After removing them, I had to flatten the spikey bits using the back end of large drill bit and hammer. The pages are sewn on cords and strengthened with electric wires in a criss-cross style which shows at the back of the book. You can see it in the second photo.
Book Design Copyright Jean Hall 2009

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