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Journal 35 Pine timber covers decorated with rough fabric & soft yarn.

Soft fibers, stiff hard fabric and wood beads decorate the natural pine timber covers of this unusual journal. The edges of the covers have been gouged to make them look old and worn then they were antiqued and then finished with a bees wax product. Simple but effective. The spine cords are crossed at the back of the book. This makes the book hold firm and keeps it from being floppy. Also provides added strength. The pages will open flat for sketching writing or pasting. A lovely decorative journal for someone very special..

The particular method of stitching that I use to bind most of my journals evolved from the coptic stitch and involves sewing on cords leaving an open spine. This allows each book to open completely flat which is a wonderful feature when writing, gluing or sketching and also strengthens the spine.

This book has 224 pages.
Book measures 24cm X 12.5cm
Approximately 9.5" x 4.75"
This book is numbered and signed

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