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Motherboard Journal - Gold Orange Black

 New "Motherboard" Journal.  This motherboard is a golden orange color.  Bound with black cord with added black orange and white tubular beads.  The motherboard is bolted on to the plywood covers.  The plywood covers are stained with natural wood colors.192 pages.

Preparing the motherboard is quite a job because I need to remove some of the very large bits.  I use a chizzle and hammer to get them off but that still leaves sharp prong like things sticking up.  To get rid of those I use a hammer and the head of a very large nail to flatten them.  Holes also need to be drilled for the bolts by clamping the motherboard to the cover in position then drilling through both of them together with a drill press.
COUNTING PAGES: When I list the number of pages in a book, I am referring to one side of each leaf. For example, in a book with numbered pages, Page 17 would be on one side of the leaf or piece of paper, Page 18 on the other side. Therefore, a book with 224 pages would have 112 leaves.
This journal is for sale in my eBay store.

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  1. Your books are sensational!!! I'm blown away with their beauty. Also I just realized that you are from Perth and would love to meet you since we share the same passion. Would this be possible???
    Svetlana xxx


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