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Handmade Journal with Aged Egyptian Look

Handmade Journal with Old Egyptian Look and 24 strings of beads

Egyptian look handmade journal with 24 strings of handmade beads attached to open spine.

Handmade journal with timber covers.  Egyptian theme.  24 strings of beads.

Old Egyptian look handmade journal with Egyptian papyrus painting on cover and 24 strings of handmade beads.

Click the thumbnails to have a better look ...
I made this journal / scrapbook for my daughter for her birthday ... Wendy likes things that look old and she also wanted wood covers. This is a big book and quite heavy and thick.. Compare the size of it with a normal size journal on the same table. The book below fits inside the center part of the table with room to spare.  Wendy's book would fill the whole center part.

It took a whole seven days to complete. The covers are made with 19mm thick pine wood offcuts which are stained. There are over 1,300 handmade beads in the tassels that are attached to the spine. Each page was individually antiqued with lemon juice and tea. The edges of each page were also individual torn to give jagged rough edges. Each page was heated with an iron to bring out the antique tones from the acid in the lemon juice and tea. .

My ironing board which was due to have its padding or covering renewed is now completely stuffed-up with stains ... no excuses now, before I iron anything else the cover has to be replaced.

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