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Are you afraid to journal? Afraid someone might read what you have written? Here's the answer.

Are you afraid to journal?  Afraid someone might read what you have written about them?  Here's the answer.

It is scary, especially when you are venting, when you are angry at someone and struggline to hold your tongue.  You just want to let it all out.  Well ... Here's a little trick I learned from a very dear friend.

Remember, this will not work if you are writing about something that you want to refer back to sometime in the future because you will be writing in random code and not even you will be able to make head no tail of what you have written.  You are writing to vent.  To get things off your chest.  For therapy.

Open your journal so you have two completely blank pages in front of you.  Now vent your feelings by writing each word so the words get scattered all over the pages.  You might write the first word in the middle of one page then the next one at the bottom of the other page, then the next one somewhere (it really does not matter where) ... just so you do not put a string of words that make sense all together on one line.  Just scatter the words about as you write, then start filling in the gaps at random.

When referring to people, do not wirte their names (just in case they are sneaky enough to look in your journal when you are not around)  Refer to these individuals by numbers, or by letters of the Alphabet.  ... Now you can vent your feelings, your anger, even you unrequited love for someone without ever being caught!

It's amazing just how much writing things does for the soul.  So "there you go"  go vent in secret!

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