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Journal #57 - Bottle Green, Black & White Country Crochet, or Rag Crochet on Journal front cover. Giant button and cord tie.

Front view of green and black journal against a bit of lace.
JOURNAL #57 - This is a OAK Hand Stitched Journal and there is not another one exactly like it on the planet! ...This blank page journal is hand crafted by Australian Book Artist Jean Hall and is also Signed and Numbered by Jean.

This journal has a panel on the front cover of fiber crochet, or rag crochet.  the colors are a very rich bright emerald green, or thalo green, white and black.  The giant button is padded with matching batik printed fabric with a black button in the center. The plaited cord tie is made from  matching thalo green jute string.  The covers were cut from plywood, stained and waxed with a beeswax polish.

For this shot, I placed a magazine into the mix to help relieve the bright contrast.

For this shot, I put the journal on a piece of dark gray fabric.  The fabric looks green in the photo.

The same journal but this time on a piece of white fabric.  This is one of the best shots I think.

A shot showing the spine cords crossed at the back.  The plaited tie cord is attached to the back cover.

View of the back of the book.

This shot was taken with the book on a piece of colored fabric.  Not the beast!  The colors are richer than they appear in the photo.

Another shot on the colored fabric.  Tthe green on the journal is a bit richer and greener than it appears here.  The covers are also darker.

The green in this shot is quite good.

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