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Beads, Beads & more Beads

Beads, beads and more beads. Here are some of the beads I have made in the past few days. I find making these beads very relaxing and mostly do them when I feel a bit tired. I sit here in my office at a table which is near to the computer and every now an again, I stop my bead making and check to see what is going on online. This gives me a pleasant break from my work, which is really fun.

You will notice, I have them strung on kebab sticks. 9 beads to a stick. That way I know I will have enough of that particular bead, one on each of eight strings with one extra just in case.

Last night I ran out of sticks, so had to stop sorting.

When they are all sorted, painted, varnished etc. like the ones on the vertical sticks, they then get put into tiny zip-lock bags for later use. The ones you see lying down in the photo will be painted & varnished later to match whatever project they are needed for.

1 comment:

  1. Really pretty stuff! I wish I had patience for that kind of stuff =)


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