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Recipes Journal Aqua & Shades of Blue Six Strings of Beads Bowl Pocket

This is a book that I made for a Birthday present. A recipe journal that you can either write your favorite recipes in, or you can cut out recipes from magazines and paste them on the pages.
I made a pocket in the shape of a bowl on the front cover. In this pocket, you can keep notes or recipes that you plan to paste in at a later date.
This Handcrafted Journal stitched on cords has an open spine similar to that of coptic binding. This allows the book to open completely flat for writing, sketching or pasting in photos.
224 Pages - Size: (228 mm x 223 mm) (9 1/8 x 8 3/4 inches approx.)
Jute string and hand made beads adorn the macrame knotting flowing from the open spine.
Hand painted label and fabric bowl shaped pocket decorations.
The photos show different things in the pocket. For the gift, I put the herbal tea bag and cinnamon sticks.
Copyright Jean Hall 2009

1 comment:

  1. What a fun and cute idea! My sister used to have an apron with a cup pocket. It really had a cooks theme to it!


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