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Getting Organized

Getting organized is tougher than you think. The more I sort things out, the more things I find to sort out. I have so many different picture prints that I have collected over the years. From tea bag tiles, vintage flowers, landscapes, old calenders, decoupage prints for making signs and plaques and so on. I need to get some storage containers, but since I don't have a car, I have to wait till someone can take me to the shops to get them. They would be tough to get home on the bus.

I have been trying some new techniques for stitching up the books that are working really well. I think I will wait till I have a good system going till I start selling books. I have only made four so far that could be sold and I am thinking of testing them out in eBay to see how they go.

A bowl full of beads
Yesterday I found a multitude of black plastic beads at an op shop for just $2.00. I have not counted them, but there must be a couple thousand beads in the bag. (now in the bowl) I was thrilled to bits. Today will be spent getting more organized.

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