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Handmade OAK Journal Guest Book Diary Blank Notebook with giant padded button and plaited cord tie.

View of handmade journal showing the open spine, and the handmade paper beads at the end of the tie cord.
I really love how this journal turned out.  For the country rag crochet I mixed the fiber strips with specialty yarn from Spotlight.  The colors are soft, as in not harsh and blaring.  I added some matching handmade paper beads to the ends of the plaited tie cord.  Padded button from the original fabric that I cut the fiber strips from.  The original piece of fabric was ideal for making the crochet strips as it was like a patchwork of patterns so the different colors, shapes and pattern textures added very interesting color changes to the crochet.

Even though I have decided to put this journal for sale on eBay, I am really going to hate parting with it ... but ... I can't keep them all!

View of the handmade journal with the tie cord secured around the handmade padded button.  Handmade beads at the ends of the plaited cord.

Another view of the back of the journal showing the tie cord and the padded button as well as the open spine.

The front view

Close-up view showing the padded button and the ends of the tie cord with the little handmade paper beads.

This item is for sale in my eBay store.

If you can't find it there when you visit, then it's probably been SOLD

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