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Motherboard Journal - Gold Orange Black - Part II

Motherboard journal front cover showing all the circuit board details.
Another motherboard journal.  Each one I have made is quite different.  I guess, unless you find to computers exactly alime, the inside bits will always be different.  And again, they end up different depending on what bits I chop off and what bits I keep.  I always get rid of the fans and the really chunky bits.

They are not very easy to photograph.  The light tends to reflect on them ... that's why I had to take this photo from way back instead from above.  I am sure a professional photographer would know how to get around the lighting problem, but I just have to improvise the best I can.

Closer view of the motherboard journal

Closer view of the motherboard journal

Close up detail  of the journal spine cords

Inside front cover

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If you can't find it there when you visit, then it's probably been SOLD

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