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Handmade OOAK Journal Florida Sunset Beaded Handpainted

I call this journal Florida Sunset because it reminds me of sailing on the St John's river with the sun setting in the west, and the moon rising in the east. On the still water there were some amazing reflections of water Hyacinth's that made them look like weird creatures floating by!

This book has 224 pages.
Cover Size: (22.8cm X 23cm) ( 9" x 8 7/8 inches approx.)
This book is numbered and signed
Design Copyright Jean Hall 2009

COUNTING PAGES: When I list the number of pages in a book, I am referring to one side of each leaf. For example, in a book with numbered pages, Page 17 would be on one side of the leaf or piece of paper, Page 18 on the other side. Therefore, a book with 224 pages would have 112 leaves.

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