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OAK Handmade Journal with County Crochet in Ribbon Yarn - Handmade Button & Cord Tie

Very special books, for very special people!
This is a OAK Handmade Journal and there is only one like it on the planet!
Gorgeous OOAK Handmade journal or guest-book stitched on cords by Australian book artist Jean Hall.
The front cover of this journal has a panel that was created using speciality yarn from Spotlight.
This yarn has a small strip of soft satin ribbon about every three inches along the length of the yarn.
The yarn is done in crochet with a mix of other colored yarns, then the ribbons all
brought to the front of the crochet panel. 
The colors are medium bright like those of sweets or lollies. 
I added one strip of the ribbon yarn to the plaited tie cord as well. 
The handmade button is cut from plywood. 

The covers are cut from laminated plywood and have been lightly stained.
The main colors on this journal are different shades of pink, yellow and green.
The plaited cord is attached to the back cover binding cords and is used
to keep the book closed and private.

This item is for sale in my eBay store.
If you can't find it there when you visit, then it's probably been SOLD

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